23 July 2010

1st Step Toward Decompression: A snug retreat cabin deep in the heart of the forest

Found my way to Northfield, Massachusetts... post POD deployment to Ventura.
Resting.  Ressusitating.  Resurrecting myself.
Send life vest.
Cancel that.
Doing just fine...
Rebuilding my rhythms, my mind, my heart.
Connecting and reconnecting with life and in love with it.


  1. Você é uma mulher especial...
    " A vida só pode ser compreendida se olharmos para trás. Mas, só pode ser vivida se olharmos para a frente"

    Sempre tem um anjo ao teu lado!!!


  2. And so the journey continues...

    Love teaches one never to forget and gives one the strength to take the steps forward.